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Leveraging our collective experience, we create extraordinary, elegant solutions for everyday problems. Not satisfied with making solutions that simply work; we demand they look amazing and behave intuitively. Our innovative, open, collaborative environment views all challenges as opportunities, new ideas expected, and the best one should always win.

Its solution, CrashPlan, offer a continuous backup of all files in all versions of laptops and desktops of all your company, as well as keeps teams securely synced, information flowing and corporate data private and on-prem. With Code42 solutions, you can easily and securely access, share and restore data from this applications through your mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones.

EndPoint Backup + Restore

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DSSI, is a Value Added Distributor, that provides a wide range of products and solutions to their business partners whenever is required, complementing its offer with Support Services Pre-Sales, Implementation and Support.


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